Red Light Contravention

This is another charge where good drivers can be caught out and over a 3 year period (from date of offence to date of offence) the totting up of points can result in the threat of disqualification.

Here we have a very substantial record of winning cases for our clients both in the face of eye witness police evidence and also when challenging camera evidence [The camera never lies but police witnesses are very capable of misinterpreting the images inadvertently or otherwise].

Both Jim Bready and Sabrina Baig have greatly enjoyed trying these cases over the years and with great success for our clients. (Remember we know that these cases can be an ordeal for drivers unused to court procedure but the lawyer with hard work can enjoy the case while achieving a seriously good outcome for his client).

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    Red Light Contravention

    “My job depended on keeping my licence and I was due to lose it if I incurred any more points. Unknown to me there was a technical defence which saved me and I did not even know. I always thought that technicalities were important but the loophole Sabrina Baig found was just amazing.”

    Hamilton Justice of the Peace Court – Karen B – Not Guilty after trial (Red light contravention)