Careless Driving

You can be a very good driver but still face a charge of careless driving. It can come from being distracted momentarily. A conviction on this charge can result in a real risk to you losing your licence to drive. There are a number of reasons for this as follows: –

1). The points to be endorsed on your licence vary between 3 and 9 depending on how severely the court views the circumstances.

2). The totting up procedure means that a conviction for this charge can easily, with any other points still live, result in the endorsement of points taking you beyond 12 and result in disqualification.

3). If the court regards the driving as a very serious example of careless driving then it can order disqualification for a lengthy period instead of endorsing a licence with points.

Circumstances which can result in a charge of careless driving include: –

1). Excessive speeding
2). Wrong turn down a one way street
3). Inconsiderate manoeuvring
4). Overtaking without appropriate warning
5). Changing lanes without appropriate warning

Happily there are many circumstances where the driver has a complete defence to this charge such as when it can be shown that the driving was in fact careful in the circumstances or that the Crown witnesses misinterpreted what they saw.

Proper interpretation of the circumstances skilfully conveyed to the court can result in minimum points endorsed or an acquittal.

Jim Bready and Sabrina Baig regularly defend such cases successfully.

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    Careless driving

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